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That The Very First Pokemon Are Mew & Mewtwo?

That There Are More Than 200 Episodes?

That Pokemon Originated From Japan Not The US?

Did You Know That Pokemon Isn't Called Pokemon? They Are called Pocket Monsters!

That Genesect And Kabutops Are Like The Same? 

That Psyduck Should Be Called Goldduck While Goldduck should Be Called Psyduck?

That Many People Say Jinx,Magmar & Electobuzz Are A Trio Because In The 2nd Generation, All Three Have Babies!

That Magmar & Electobuzz Have A Small Machine That have Almost the Same Names:The Magmarrizzer(magmar) & The Electobuzzer(Electobuzz)!THats's Not all!They Have Similar Names In Japanese "Boobel(Magmar) & Eleboo(ElectoBuzz)!

Kubone Has A Dead Mother(In Every Pokedex Entry) Some People Said That Kangiskan Is Actually The Dead mother! Why? they Have A Spiked Tail,Almost the Same Eye And a Huge Stomach

That Mew & Ditto Are 8.8 Ibs and The Can transform! They even Have The Same colours( Even When Shiny)

All Pokemon

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